Mere Buying of Sophisticated Weapons Will Not Solve Insecurity In Nigeria If We Don't Do This First


In recent times, the high rate of insecurity in Nigeria is causing serious concern amongst the populace. There is no day in the past few months that one criminality or the other would not be reported in our national media. Reported killings emanating from wicked groups like terrorists, bandits, and Fulani herdsmen seem to have succeeded in turning Nigeria into one big killing field. This is not supposed to so because we have a functional government.

A lot of people have come out to suggest that the Nigerian government needs to buy more sophisticated arms and ammunition for our security agents, which to be honest is not a bad idea. However, the fact is, buying sophisticated weapons for our security agencies would not solve the problem of insecurity in the long run if we continue to have a high number of unemployed young Nigerians.

A country that has a burgeoning army of angry youths who do not have jobs, must be sitting on a keg of a time bomb. Nigeria's current insecurity situation is a result of series of past bad governance. Past administrations have continuously ignored setting up a system whereby the youths would be fully engaged. Sadly, this present government is not doing anything different.

How do we solve the insecurity in Nigeria?

Firstly, the government needs to create a working economy whereby small businesses would thrive. The government needs to create an enabling environment for businesses to grow. The government has no business being in business. Enabling environment like constant power supply, 5 years of free tax for every young business and encouraging youths to learn practical production skills.

The implication of this is that more young people would be encouraged to start their little businesses which would ultimately end up employing other idle youths.

Secondly, the government needs to create a system where social justice works. How do you expect the youths not to pick up arms against the country when the same country never contributed anything meaningful to their lives. It will be difficult for a youth to betray his country that gave him a good education to become a better person in life and free health care when he was sick.

If we like to let the Federal Government of Nigeria armed our security agencies with the best weapons on earth if we do not do something about engaging the youths with meaningful employment we might just be wasting our time.

Creating an economic system that would engage the youths will reduce their tendencies to fall into the temptation of committing crimes.

The above measure might not end insecurity immediately, but it would drastically reduce it going forward in the sense that those unscrupulous individuals that always recruit idle youths for their nefarious activities will run out of business.

When we have a working economy that is running full throttle by youths, then, and then would be far more easier to handle whatever any insecurity issues that might arise in the country if not wipe it out entirely.