Netizens React After This Happened To Nadia Mukami This Morning


Our own kenyan pop star has wowed netizens after giving out another great tune this morning. The tune elaborates about the various types of friends that surrounds us. Their are friends that are very genuine to us. Unfortunately we have those friends who are not happy of others when may be they become prosperous.

Nadia Mukami categorically elaborated on how her close pals and even relatives were against her tune making. Nadia Mukami categorically elaborated that, very close friends amongst us will be very happy when things are not going well among one of them. Actually they will be the ring leaders in spreading the wrong information to others.

Visit Nadia Mukami's you tube channel and watch the full Tune, Roho mbaya and tell us do you have such friends who are not happy about your progress and are busy telling the wrong Information about you.

Friends let us be true to our people, let's be there for them in any situation that attacks them