Free Trade Area to Reduce Barriers in Business Between USA and Kenya


Kenya has strengthen its relations with the United States of America as they agreed to pull together business wise. Congratulation to Kenya after securing the United Nations Security Council seat beating Djibouti. The free trade agreement it will reduce barriers of imports and exports between the countries that will stimulate the business back to its normal after the new normal of corona virus talk us back.

This is an indicator that 90 per cent of goods tariffs will be removed to access commodities, services across the continent which will help those doing exports and import to stay a float in business. There is more business opportunities between Kenya and the USA as the opened up the Free Trade Area, where the trading window was to close in 2025.(President Uhuru Kenyatta with US counterpart President Donald Trump in bilateral business talks photos courtesy )

The Ministry of Industrialization and trade Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina said that the negotiation objectives defines what Kenya is interested in this negotiation and what it intends to achieve adding that the objectives are in clusters and cover the principles, specific objectives scope dispute resolution and some elements of dispute corporation.

It will also open up job opportunities as we enter the second wave of corona virus pandemic as many lost jobs business disrupted all over the world also widening Kenyan market access. This will secure a trade regime with the United States driving the exports and import of goods.(Some the cargo's shipped in and out of the port from overseas images courtesy)

The issues pointed out are market accessory of goods and services, technical barriers to trade, agriculture among others to facilitate trade.

The main objective of African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) are to create a single continental market goods and services with free movement of business persons and investment thus open the way for accelerating the establishment of the customs union.

It will also expand Intra-Africa trade through better harmonization and coordination of trade liberation, facilitation and instruments across Africa in general where 28 countries have instruments of AfCFTA ratification with Africa Union Community.

As many business is now done over zoom selling directly to your customers as imports and exports ban in Africa is felt when Africa is yet to face the second wave of covid-19.