Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin Causes Stir with Traditional wear in Parliament today.

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The Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin has joined social media trends after he stormed the premises of Parliament today in a traditional wear. The pictures has generated a lot of comments and conversations as it’s clear the position he holds in government comes with a uniform. It’s unclear if it’s compulsory for the speaker to put on the prescribed attire or he can put on what he wants to chair the chamber.

Parliament Resumed today on 25th January 2022, after a short break for the MPs and other people who work at the chamber. Check out pictures of Alban in his traditional attire.

On social Media a lot of people have praised the man for projecting our tradition and culture to the world, as this is first in a kind. Others too think it’s not right for him forgo the his official wear and put on what he prefers.

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