Nifa Senior High School need help urgently


Nifa Senior High School is located in Adukrom in the Eastern Region of Ghana and is recognised as one of the best. This school had produced some prestigious people in this nation and outside as well.

The school (Nifa Senior High) with the Motto, Integrity and Service lacks many things and facilities are included as well such as the boys dormitory and the washrooms as well.

The boys dormitory lacks spaces for the borders to be able to fit in a well ventilated room. The school needs urgent help immediately.

Comments from various students (borders) have made it clear that they are in great danger. Also just recently the students have started to complain of no water in the school and they find it difficult to get water to bath.

The students moves to long distances before they find water to fetch and regarding that one as well it doesn't flow fluently.

The stature of house four boys dormitory is awful and needs maintenance as well. The storey building which is house one to three also needs maintenance and management is not doing anything about it.

I know surely that you might disagree with me that you want facts but you can ask someone who attends the school or an old students, but don't compromise facts and media will follow after this one.

Good luck.