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What is a taboo? Well a taboo is anything that is condemned in every community. These are the things are are prohibited and not allowed by a community.

Every community has its own taboos and the taboos differs from one community to the other. So when you pay a visit to a given community, its good to know about their taboos so that you do not land into problems.

I have paid a visit to various communities to learn about their cultures and what shocked me most is the taboos among the Kisii. The Kisii especially the men are forbidden to do certain things. If you are a kisii man then you must be keen even if you are urbanely brought up.

These are some of the things that kisii men are forbidden to do;

1. Eating chicken meat at your In-laws' place.

You may be set for testing if you're worth taking their daughter when your in-laws plan to serve you with chicken meat.

Don't fall into such a trap even if you're urbanely brought up. Just come up with a thousand excuses why you've never eaten chicken meat, despite your insatiable appetite with 'chips-kuku'.

In short, your in-laws are trying to profile you, if you're predatory and easy to cheat on their daughter.

Those more strict can loosely translate it that you're morally corrupted to desire mother and daughter.

2. Facing mothers-in-law now and again.

The Kisii culture prohibits sons-in-law from seeing their mothers-in-law from time to time.

A breach of that custom is a sign of disrespect.

Every son-in-law is expected to have respect (ogosika) on his wife's mother.

As a man, you should fear your mother-in-law and stay away from any event that may lead you two to meet, unless it's necessary or unavoidable.

3. Setting foot in your married son's house.

It's a taboo for a Kisii father to set a foot in his son's house.

It's evil and demanding of the father to offer a sacrifice for cleansing.

If you enter your married son's house, or a married son of your brother's house, it literally means you've gone into bed with their wives.

You'll be expected to buy a white goat and have the clan elders to approve your sacrifice.

Failure to have a cleansing means your son's marriage to be problematic and it will eventually collapse.

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