Notable Places In Nigeria That Might Constitute Centers Of Attention On Independence Day And Reasons People Should Watch Out For Them

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As Nigerians are preparing for independence day celebration expected to take place in a few days time, some groups of individuals who have made themselves a sworn enemy of the country's unity appear to be warming up to ensure the celebration is truncated.

Although, the federal government is yet to roll out an official statement on how the independence day celebration will go, but one thing that is certain is that Nigeria will be celebrating its 61 years of unity despite the scorching diversity and stirring agitation for break up that has threatened the oneness of the country.

Every year, there are always a line up of activities that make the celebration something to look forward to by many Nigerians. This year might possibly take a different approach considering the myriad of security threats confronting the country.

As the October 1st draws closer, there are mixed feelings about what may likely happen in some trouble places across the country. These places will no doubt dominate the centres of attentions on that day and many Nigerians will want to know how the security forces will respond to situation of things in those places.

The first place to watch out for is the Eagles Square in Abuja where the independence day celebration usually takes place every year. For security reasons, the federal government has been using the presidential Villa to prevent a possible ugly occurrence on independence day.

This year, it is not certain if the celebration will be held in Eagles square or at the villa. If it is going to be lowkey like it was last year, it may likely be held in the villa. But if it is a big national bash, Nigerians should be looking at the Eagle square. However, one thing that will be of interest is the heavy security that will be put in place around the venue.

With the spate of security challenges in the country, the federal government will make sure the eagles square becomes a dangerous zone for criminal elements on that day. What will happen in the venue on October first is going to be of interest to Nigeria.

The second place that will dominate a center of attention is the Eastern part of the country. The IPOB have issued a compulsory Sit-At-Home for that day and declared that all flags should be flown at half mast. In other word, there will be no any form of celebration in any of the Eastern State on October first. 

How the Eastern governors and security forces will manage this situation effectively will be of interest on that day.

The third place is the Northwest states where bandits are holding sway. Although, the Nigerian troops are dealing a terrible blow with them but the group are not relenting on their efforts to make the area ungovernable. On October first, they may want to prove a point for Nigerians to know they are not joking.

Finally is the Northeast where Boko Haram has been causing havoc for over ten years. Their philosophy is against the independence day celebration. With their latest partnership with ISWAP to cause more havoc in the region, Independence Day may be used by them to prove a point.

How the federal government and security forces respond to the security threat in all these places will be of great interest to Nigerians on that day.

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