Whether You Like It Or Not The Budget Will Be Passed – Maurice Ampaw Boldly Tells Minority

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The week came to a cataclysmic stage when the proposed 2022 budget was rejected by Parliament. The Majority walked out of the chamber after they spotted the presence of the General Secretary of the NDC in the public gallery. This infuriated the already frustrated Majority who trooped out. In the end the NDC MPs numbering 137 managed to secure a landslide victory to reject the budget.

Maurice Ampaw, a legal practitioner and pro NPP activist has noted that the NDC are just playing politics with the budget. He explained that the NDC should be ashamed of themselves for rejecting a budget that would have been a blessing to Ghanaians. He chastised the Speaker, Alban Bagbin for supporting the NDC and allowing them to break the rules. He wondered why Alban Bagbin will not seek medical assistance in Ghana and rather flying to waste public funds in Dubai.

Maurice Ampaw called Alban Bagbin to stop his ‘Bagbinism’ and allow the work of Parliament to have its way. He called on the NDC to humble themselves and come to the dialogue table. Maurice Ampaw was of the view that if the NDC don’t come for dialogue, the NPP will go ahead and approve the budget. He said the NPP doesn’t need the NDC because already they have 138.

“Whether they like it or not, we will approve the budget. The better come to Parliament on Tuesday and approve the budget” Maurice Ampaw said

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