From Persuasion to Forced Payment; Here is how Schools Have Evolved Since Moi's era


Educational programs have been in a continuous evolution. This is due to the changes in the rules and laws governing the ministry of Education.

During Moi's reign, children were persuaded to go to school. This was through the introduction of Nyayo products like milk so as to lure them into learning institutions. Corporal punishment was allowed hence higher discipline levels in schools though the turn up was low.

Education used to be very cheap since products were delivered by the government.

During Mwai Kibaki's reign, there was introduction of free primary education which also led to the rise in the number of learners in the institutions. Stationery were offered by the government on a termly basis. Corporal punishment was allowed hence low indiscipline cases in schools.

During Uhuru's reign, things have turned inside out. During these hard times,the government which has been recently claiming no learner should be sent home for fees,has turned against its rule. The Ministry has given the headteachers and Principals the mandate to send home learners who haven't cleared fees.

This has caused a stir since most parents lost their jobs due to the pandemic and not all of them will manage to go as per the ministry's expectations.

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