Ghanaian Student surprisingly wears heels and ladies dress to graduation

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Legon Student shockingly wears heels and a women's dress to graduation.

On specific events in life, one would constantly want to wear the best of his/her outfit to Grace that one-time event to make it a paramount one. That sort of one-of-a-kind outlook is very not the same as how certain individuals see it as male understudy from the University of Ghana-Legon gets famous via web-based media for wearing a dressing in drag suit to his graduation.

In a video he arranged to honor his educational accomplishment, the youngster wore female clothing with 6-inch heels to his graduation.

The viral video has ignited a great deal of conversation on the web, with many individuals discussing and reprimanding his graduation clothing.

The Legon Student truly wore heels and a women's dress to graduation!

The young fellow distinguished as Xorlali wore a women's outfit to his graduation and scored his look with 6-inch heels as found in a video causing ripple effects on the web.

Xorlali was found in an imperial blue jumpsuit with both arm sides made out of trim and an open put-together edge in a video concerning Twitter. Over the jumpsuit, he wore a white and naval force blue girdle.

His selection of shoes, an unmistakable 6-inch high heel that he gladly skipped in while flaunting his sublime dance gifts with his graduation scarf around his neck, was the what tops off an already good thing.

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