Nameless Complains Having Noodles For Dinner, Wahu Responds.


David Mathenge popularly known as Nameless is married to Rosemary Wahu Kagwi popularly known as Wahu,they are both Afropop musicians and songwriters.This amazing couple is blessed with two beautiful daughters Nyakio and Tumiso Mathenge.

The Mathenge's Have been an inspiration to their fans and kenyans for their beautiful Marriage,they will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this year.I would personall say that no marriage is perfect and each marriage has its own way of solving their problems and being able to soldier on to make it work.On several occasions Nameless and Wahu have mentioned that marriage it's not a bed of roses it has taken a lot of effort for them to remain together.

Recently Wahu and Nameless have been teasing each other on their social media pages just for fun.Its always fun and entertaining following their challenges and fun posts.

On tuesday evening Nameless on his facebook page complained of being served noodles for supper after their house help took a day off."What!Noodles?I see our domestic manager 'Esther' is on a day off.Goodnight fam see you tommorrow."

(I guess it was just a tease)

Wahu on her page answered her husband back,She said"I see you have brought complaints on social media,someone should tell Nameless to be satisfied with the noodles."She added that her house help should take her time as they were fine and wished her fans a goodnight.

Wahu's fans had different views of the case,some adviced her to always take notes during the famous 'women conference' as it seems she missed.Others supported Nameless as they suggested that he should have a heavy meal than noodles.Here are some screenshot comments;