Opinion - Monkey pox global pandemic will be used by ANC Thumamina administration to cancel December

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24 MAY 2022.

By Alupheli...

Monkey pox global pandemic will be used by ANC Thumamina administration to cancel December coming conference and stay in power for good! Mark my word. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Any sober mind THINKER already know how the ANC government leadership operates. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out their modus operandi. When the covid 19 started. We told people that mandatory vaccination will be implemented and vaccine will have many continuous jabs. South Africans called us conspiracy theorists. Indeed it happened. People went from jab 1 to 3 and those who were going outside SA were even compelled to take a 4th jab. We told people that any death during lockdown and covid era will be classified as covid related deaths. Still we were insulted by our own blind people as conspiracy theorists. Indeed it happened and no one has come forward to apologize for being blind after the revaluations. Rightnow I’m telling you about Monkey pox scam to be used again for infringement of your rights and to cancel conferences. Again there will be those who will never see until it’s too late. Now I understand how did 500 white people in one ship came to Africa and maintained to take thousands of Africans to slavery! Our people will never wake up from the slumber.

Now recently I've discovered that the Israeli military has been preparing to bomb Iran's Nuclear facilities with the leadership of the American government, now that will obviously pull China and Russia into it thus triggering Armageddon, for the control of the world's oil reserves.

Bill Gates Warned About A Pandemic And Literally Ran A Coronavirus Simulation In Nov 2019 Then We Got COVID. He Warned Of A Smallpox Terror Attack In Nov 2021 And Now We Have One With Monkeypox. Bill Gates Isn’t Nostradamus, He’s The Terrorist! #BillGatesBioTerrorist #MonkeyPox

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