Tanzanians Should Forget About New Constitution After Suluhu Declared This


Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu has made an unprecedented U-Turn on the formulation of a new constitution. The East African country, which borders Kenya and Uganda, had been on the brink of dumping the current constitution in favour of a new one.

After the death of John Magufuli, Samia Suluhu had been pressurized by Opposition Leaders and activists to kick-start the process that would lead to the acquisition of another Constitution.

However, Samia Suluhu has broken her silence on the matter by saying that Tanzania does not need a new constitution right now. As reported by the source, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) leader has claimed that although the constitution is important, it is not very important at the moment.

“Naomba nipeni muda kwanza niisimamishe nchi kiuchumi halafu tutashugulikia mengine,” she said. This loosely translated to English is: “Please give me time to stabilize the country economically and then we will address other issues.”

According to her, Tanzania’s economy should come first before anything else. She, however, urged political parties to continue engaging with citizens at grassroot levels to collect their opinions.

Although she has given a hint that Tanzania may adopt new laws in few months to come, her delay of implementing another Constitution comes as a shock to Tanzanian citizens who are eargely waiting for it.

The soft-spoken leader had recently celebrated her 100 days in office with many people lauding her performance so far.

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