Fresh Allegations on Omosh's Relationship With His First Wife Emerge


Fresh details on Omosh's relationship with his first wife former Tahidi High actress Mrs Ngatia have emerged. 

A close source to her spoke to blogger Edgar Obare and revealed that Omosh has neglected her. She lives with the kids alone in Ruiru near the prisons. 

During the census period, she would go to her friend's place for consolation and cry a lot.

On the other hand, Omosh and his second wife are allegedly heavy drinkers. Recently, they were too broke to a point of borrowing 400 Kenyan shillings from Fuliza Mpesa.

A video of drunk and unstable Omosh was released by one of the BNN paparazzi's. Clearly, he wasted all his money on alcohol and not debts as he had alleged in a recent interview on TV47. Many Kenyans have vowed never to help Omosh again. 

In my opinion, he needs to go to rehab before things get out of hand. Everyone deserves a second chance.