Reports: Al-Shabaab Allegedly Storms KDF Barracks And Open Fire as KDF Responds, Casualties Unknown

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Emerging media reports this Saturday morning says Al-Shabaab militants have allegedly tried to attack a military base used by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Media reports from Somalia have said fighting between Kenyan forces and Al-Shabaab militants has broken out between Lamu and Lower Jubba regions in the past few hours.

The fighting is said to have first broken out when Al-Shabaab militants attacked a Kenyan military base in the Shangani area and lasted for about an hour

However, Kenyan military officials have not yet commented on the alleged attack on their base in Shangani, which divides Lamu and Lower Jubba regions of Jubbaland.

The militants have said they stormed the military base and opened fire, but did not reveal the exact number of casualties.

In most cases, Al-Shabaab does not reveal casualties when their fighters are gunned down during such attacks.

Al-Shabaab is known for carrying out a series of direct and indirect attacks, targeting government forces and civilians, both in Kenya and Somalia.

The attacks mostly result in casualties.

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