Attorney General Withdraws A Notice Motion He Appealed Against The BBI Ruling By The High Court


The road to a new amended Constitution is finally dark as the attorney general latest move that has paralyzed every process. The attorney general had tabled a notice Motion on 14th may to appeal against a ruling of a bench of five high court judges.

The motion had been set to be decided on by the five judges on may 26th,2021 but the attorney has now withdrawn the motion making it simple for the process to be halted.

The BBI report was pronounced unconstitutional, illegal and null and void by the high court judges. They said that the report did not follow the correct channel and therefore it is not helpful to the country.

With the withdrawal of the attorney general from the case,the only one remaining is a threat from the independent Electoral and boundaries commission IEBC which has said that they will appeal against the high court judges for tarnishing their name.