Police Spray Teargas Inside A Bus and Shoot People In Eswatini

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There have been many traumatic and sad scenes that have been posted by people on social media about the things occurring in Swaziland.

The protests are still occurring in Swaziland as people are fighting for a democratic government and that they are tired of being ruled by the King.

There is a new video that has been making the rounds on social media whereby police have stopped a bus and the gunshots are heard inside the bus.

The video then shows that there are some people who managed to get away from the bus through the windows.

Watch here: https://twitter.com/SiphoMashinini_/status/1450755527772971009

It seems like the situation in Swaziland is escalating and more people will lose their lives if other countries do not intervene.

There is another video that has also been making rounds whereby some people have been shot in the legs and struggling with the pain.

There have been calls from European countries that South Africa and other countries should help Swaziland in fighting the conditions that they are currently facing as a country.

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Source: https://twitter.com/SiphoMashinini_/status/1450755527772971009


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