Throwback Photos Of James Brown Speaking With Orlando Julius During His Visit To Nigeria In 1970


One thing that I find pleasure in is looking at how people have contributed to the development of places they belong to and not forgetting their origin especially as a person whose origin is connected to Africa.

James Brown was an American singer who was loved by many fans for his good performance and characters.

In year 1970, the American singer and dancer took a visit to Nigeria and he was welcomed by a lot of fans in Nigeria who have been awaiting for his arrival.

Photo: James Brown being welcomed by Nigerians.

Being an African American, James Brown visited Nigeria in 1970 and he was warmly welcomed into the country by many fans who were awaiting him at the Kaduna airport.

He met with the Nigerian musician, saxophonist and songwriter known as Orlando Julius Aremu Olusanya Ekemode.

Photo: James Brown chatting with Orlando Julius.

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