Opinion: 4 Things That Can Cause Divorce In A Relationship

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The end of many marriages is divorce. Everyone in a marriage is affected by the stress of a marriage and the possibility of divorce, both directly and indirectly. Couples, as well as children and other family members, may be involved in this process. If you or your spouse is experiencing stress as a result of marital difficulties, it's imperative to identify the root cause. Divorce and marital tension can be avoided or resolved if partners are aware of the causes.

Substance Abuse

Addiction causes families to suffer emotionally and financially. As a result, the addict's partner often refuses to recognise the harmful impact of their actions on the family and refuses to modify their ways. If this happens, it can lead to marital strain and perhaps divorce. Addictions such as those to alcohol, drugs, and/or gambling, as well as sexual ones, are all instances. Someu addictions may steal a person's attention away from their spouse or put a strain on the family's finances; others, such as substance usage, can result in violence or major psychological anguish.

2. Domestic Violence and Conflict.

Spousal violence, whether it's physical, sexual, or verbal, strains relationships and may even lead to a breakup.

u Fighting and seemingly little conflicts can have a big impact on the decision to divorce, even though turning to violence is the most extreme type of conflict. As long as the fight isn't physical or too much for one or both parties to handle, divorce is a real possibility.

Stress related to finances

Conflicts about money are common in marriage and can put a strain on a couple's union. Financial irresponsibility or irresponsibleness has a negative effect on a couple's relationship. There may also be issues raised if one or both partners lose their jobs or if one partner has a higher income than the other.

Infidelity and Belief Issues

Many couples face the difficult decision of whether or not to end their marriage due to infidelity and trust concerns. Cheating in a marriage can lead to dissatisfaction and mistrust.

There's a chance it'll make a devoted partner feel insecure, too. When one or both partners' confidence has been betrayed through an affair, it can be difficult to move on. Trust can be eroded by dishonesty, theft, envy, or flirtation.

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