Miss Morgan Comes Out Days After Omosh (Tahidi Chronicles)


Former Tahidi High Angel actress Angelu Waruinge popularly known as Miss Morgan, has recounted her ordeal after the job ended. Miss Morgan said the show came to an end. Former actors were forced to look for alternatives to earn a living. In an interview on Youtube, Miss Morgan opened up about her conversion. 

"When you start living a life that is not yours, you are overwhelmed with thoughts. I went through a traumatic experience... And excessive thoughts can lead to alcoholism. . She also described the plight of artists in the country, saying that they are forced to live a life that they cannot afford. "When you start to become famous, you start another life, and then you start running out of money, but you still want to live a high life. That's where you live a life that makes people happy," he said. 

Waruinge, the mother of one baby girl, was one of the most popular talents in the Tahidi High period. She said she was forced to relocate to the areas where she was living to change the life she had been involved in. The artist's story follows that of her contemporaries Dennis Mugo, popularly known as OJ, and Joseph Kinuthia, popularly known as Omosh. OJ got into the pleasures of alcohol to the point of no return. Donors are currently housing Omosh after he surfed the internet asking Kenyans to help him as his life took a turn for the worse. 

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