Massage Saga: Ghanaians React To Viral Video Of A Gym Instructor Fondling A Slay Queen

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As we all know, these kinds of videos have been popping up on the internet day in day out. Each time such a thing pops up, it reminds all of us about the Kasoa incident that involved the murdering of a gym instructor for having an affair with someone's wife. This case suggested that most of these gym instructors have been taking an advantage of their female clients.

A new video has been trending massively on the internet which features a gym instructor and an unknown slay queen doing the most on camera. From the video, the man was seen cuddling and fondling the lady all in the name of a new way of massaging. This has raised concerns on the internet as to when did this new type of massaging started. Many people expressed their views on the video.

The question is "What is the name of the type of massage?" Let me know in the comment section.


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