A former freemasonry member has revealed the sort of people he met in Hell


A previous Freemason fellow has revealed mysteries of the society he once belonged to and how God took him to Hell through His endless mercy to portray mysteries unto him.

Now a pastor, he often shares this revelation to alert Christians of what really goes on in this world. What he saw in hell is what has been transliterated below.

I went to another section and saw the demons holding meetings about politics. They wanted to put in power to govern the politician who made a pact with them.

The demons use rich and powerful men of the world to control all their plans. These men of great political influence obey the orders of these demons. 

You who are Christians and wish to enter politics, do not do this, the demons are in power. Demons have used politicians to legalize abortion, gay marriage, drug release, and other aberrations. Everything in hell is planned in meetings to destroy mankind.

Although the Bible says that God instituted governmental authorities and that the powers of these rulers were given by God to govern the people, many have used their God-given powers and influences to work for darkness and oppress the people.

God has given authority to politicians, but they are the ones who choose whether to use for good or for evil. Many sell themselves to the devil through covenants. Satan is the prince of this world and gives his kingdom to whomever he wills, for the world lies by the evil one.

In hell I watched crowds of evangelicals. The first class of evangelicals the angel showed me is of Christians who did not have self-control. They had no rules of life and seduced married women.

These Christians were malicious and seduced the women of the church. This is the first class. They were debauched, immoral, scatters their own reputation and were stumbling blocks to the faith of genuine Christians.

We went to the second class of Christians. These were aggressive, they did not accept correction for their mistakes, they treated their shepherds badly and they became enemies of those who did not agree with their ways of life.

The angel took me to the third class of Christians. They were impure, had malicious thoughts and their hearts were filled with sensuality.

The fourth class, where the angel took me were filled with the defilers who have corrupted what is sacred. They blended what is holy with the profanations of the world.

They stained the purity of the cults with heresies and placed abominations within the house of God, desecrated the altar, defiled the sanctity of the liturgy.

I was taken to the fifth class of Christians. These were ambitious with material goods to satisfy their desires. They were capable of anything to achieve everything they wanted even to the extent of hurting the others to stay in their place.

They made up lies to steal jobs. They said slander to be benefited or promoted. These were selfish who have an excessive love for themselves. They did not care about anyone, they just thought of themselves.

We went to the sixth class, where are the Christians who made their churches a war zone, caused dissension, did not agree with the teaching of the shepherd's holiness.

These created factions to attack the church and they enjoyed the ensuing conflicts. They lived apart from the holy brothers who obey the Word of God.

We went to the seventh class, where the Christians were competing for church positions, even wanting to harm the other. Some of them are envious of the pastor and wanted to take his place. Others hoped for some to leave the church to take up their duties.

We went to the eighth class, where the cheating Christians are. They cheated on documents, misled people in business, and took advantage. They sold fragile goods to deceive.

They were greedy with their headquarters to have everything, even if they did not need the money they wanted to accumulate.

We went to the ninth class, where the church leaders are thieves. They stole hidden money and diverted large amounts of money into their accounts. The founding pastor entrusted the position to his pastor friend.

He stole money from the church and his pastor did not know. When he died he was honored as a celebrity by the pastor who trusted him and never knew of the misappropriation of his friend's money from the church.

People of God, do not be part of one of these groups. Do not go to one of these valleys by repenting of your sins. Do not go to hell. Do everything you can to avoid falling into this dark place and stay there forever. Walk the way of Jesus. Do not play as a Christian, nor fall into the wrong way of serving God.

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