Agradaa Has More Trouble To Deal With, And This Is Her Biggest 'Threat' After Converting To Christ


For the past week, many Ghanaians have learnt of the rather 'bizarre' conversion of Nana Agradaa from his idol worshiping to Christianity. The news amuses anyone that learns about it especially when pictures of her getting baptized is shown to their faces. Some had formed an impression that, its just some theatrics, and only to please those he had offended.

To a larger extent, her decision to convert to Christianity though welcoming, is also in doubt. She might have burnt all her antiques and miniature 'trophies' she keeps as gods after her release from the prisons. Nana Agradaa may be very persuasive, and that is in no doubt, about getting people to believe she has changed for good.

But here comes the biggest issue that many have not averted their minds to, and surely could cause her doom. Over the past years, Ghanaians have learnt that some supposed 'men of God' do go to fetish priests and priestesses to secure power so they could perform wonders.

For Nana Agradaa who is known as a powerful priestess, her conversion should have been preceded by some exorcism.

Yes! All the scenes around her conversion has been without this. Could Ghanaians and the Christian community be convinced by just baptism? I really don't think so.

Her integrity lies strongly with the assurance of 'purity' as a true and repented servant for God. Without this, she simply could be said to harboring her fetish powers to perform some miracles in the name of God.

It is said in 2 Thessalonians 2:9 about the devil performing miracles in the name of God. Nana Agradaa has more to prove about her repentance than just burning her gods and getting baptized.

She would have to, together with other things recuse herself of all titles and recognitions that she has ever won being a fetish priestess.