Remember The Reknown Gospel Artist Mary Githinji? See what Has Kept Her Relevant Till Today

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Mary Githinji is great worshipper, her songs though based in Kikuyu, the songs take us closer to God.

Her way of worship is so intense. She started her journey is Nakuru, a county where she was born.

Her Late Mother Muthoni Githinji was a Christian and was able bro give her a good foundation on the same.

From the moment she was a young girl, she used to sing in the church where her mother used to congregate.

Among the things that has made her stand tall are"

Her love for music.

"I have always loved music. Since my days of youth' I found great pleasure in serving God through this gift He gave me. But to have a gift alone is not enough, one needs to use it to minister to people and ultimately #WinSouls for Christ!" She Says.

Spending More Time with God And Feeding the spirit.

"To be able to do this, I have had to spend time with God and feed my spirit with His word, so that whatever I compose as music has its origin from God. We all know that music is powerful, so we need to ensure that the power behind Gospel music is God's power. Power that can uplift, heal, save, deliver and ultimately  #transformlives!" She continues.

"Listen to music that will create an atmosphere for God to speak to you and leave you a changed person." She concludes.

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