Why Champions League final may be hosted in the UK instead of Istanbul.


The likelihood hosting of the 2021 UEFA Champions League final in Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul is getting dimmer by the day as recent developments is showing otherwise. It is no news that the UCL final is an All English final between Chelsea football club and Manchester City football Club, scheduled to hold on 29th May, 2021.

Considering that Turkey is in the grip of new wave of Covid-19 virus, many stakeholders are calling on Uefa to consider switching the final to England. Uefa were planning to allow 6,000 fans from each club at the game but if played in England more fans will have the privilege of attending the finals.

More so, fans of both English clubs will welcome any CL final move to the UK considering the stress of four-hour flight each way, cost of hotels and tickets and now possible 10 days hotel quarantine on return from Istanbul before being allowed back to their homes in the UK.

The UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson has lend his voice to the call for Uefa to allow UK host the CL final with Tottenham, St. James' park and Wembley available. He said while speaking to SunSport "The Champions league is the Pinnacle of European club football, and with two English teams in the final, it would be a great shame if fans were unable to attend. It would be brilliant to host it here if we can. I wan to help supporters of both clubs to see their team in action."

Considering all these challenges, do you think Uefa should move the UCL final to England?

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