R5 causes havoc, she was beaten to death because she was owing R5


We are going to close that school until the district manager, the MEC of education in Limpopo together with the minister of basic education takes decisive measures to combat bullying.

"As a teacher I think our constitution is failing us big time, learners have more rights and power than teachers and parents, it very much difficult to control and discipline this kids at school, because if you dare to that the department target you and fire you same time without following the rules, everything is being politicized unnecessarily..

Bullying hasn't been a good thing to do at schools or any other places, it is wrong, we need to teach our children at home how to behave, we have lost our morals in the name of freedom.

My condolences to Lufuno's family may her soul rest in peace.

I think the Limpopo MEC for Education is failling the pupils of Limpopo-i hv read many incidents of bullying in that province but he/she is always quiet.Last week i think u reported a similer incident nakhona nothing,This bully should be charged with murder.

Each school must have a psychologist... Irregardless of whether is a high school or primary people go through a lot, from my perspective we still have a long way to go this bullying thing it's gaining momentum, department of education is doing so little to fight it... Programs that will help pupils cope should be introduced, they must use the same energy they did with assistant teacher and introduce school psychologist that will help the puplis cope with such situations...

RIP lufuno


The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa" said a Facebook followers


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