Dampare & His Boys On Thier Knees After Sad Incident: Offer Unconditional Apologies.

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The Police ideally are supposed to be our friends and our protectors. They are the first people we call when we face any threat, and per thier duties and responsibilities, they ought to come to our aid, to help us or eliminate the threat, even sometimes sacrificing their lives in the process.

For this reason, the Police are always friendly to the citizenry, while the citizenry return that friendship, unless of course you are a criminal or breaking the law, then your friendship with the police will be null and void.

The police ensure law and order, enforce the law and protect properties as well, but the police are not the law itself, neither are they in a position to determine what kind of punishment an offender deserves, unless a competent court of jurisdiction.

Sadly, residents of Zujung, Lamashegu and Nakpan Zou in the Tamale Metropolis of the Northern Region have a different story to tell about the the acting IGP, Dampare, and his Men, after a number of them are reported to have been assaulted by the Police, for allegedly using electricity illegally.

Without arresting them or arraignment before a competent court of jurisdiction, the police took the matter into their own hands and whipped (assaulted) these perpetrators mercilessly.

As a matter of urgency, 4 police officers on the joint operation with the NEDCO/VRA have been interdicted for unprofessional conduct, while the Police prepares to assit the victim with thier medical needs.

Most importantly, the Police are begging the affected persons for forgiveness, and apologizing to all affected persons and to the general public as well for the unprofessional conduct of thier men.

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