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TV3 contestant Fatima has through to final and this are the station she is going to be interview and tell more about how she started her journey to this point.

Fatima started as an actress and some couple of months she diverted to music.

She has many singles and more hit songs which has turned her talent to the most dynamic being who can do all it takes to be in showbiz industry.

Fatima will be live on tv3 tommorow on a program entitled as 3News tune and after that she will move to kingdom fm on Friday.

Fatima has many niknames.

Galdemboss and LILBONY

This names are her stage names.

Catch Fatima on tv3 tommorow sharp.

A program hostess is Adwoa Noella.

LILBONY will be live on Kingdom fm hot seat with Londona as a program host.

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