Peaceful Demonstration Turns Into Chaos As Police Arrest Top HealthCare Officials.


The health care workers on Monday, gave a 3 day notice to the government to fullfil their demands. However, the government did not do anything on the same.

Therfore, health care workers have decided to put down their tools, today, demanding for their grievances to be fulfilled. According to them, all cadres are employed on PnP terms. But doctors are on contract. Therefore, they want doctors to be employed on PnP.

Their peaceful demonstration has turn into chaos as the police officers arrest the top healthcare official; who are on Frontline leading the demonstration.

They are demanding for immediate release of their top officials; who have been sabotaged by the police officers.

Although their top officials have been arrested, they are insisting that they will not stop until the government meet their demands.

Do you think is fair for police officers to arrest people who are expressing their demands peacefully?


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