Look what Minnie Dlamini is craving that left Msanzi speechless

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Minnie Dlamini Jones is a South African actress, businesswoman, model, television presenter and brand ambassador, she's also a wife to Quinton Jones and a mother to a baby boy. Minnie Dlamini has done some much in the entertainment industry she has build a name for herself. Recently she went on twitter tweeted something people were not expected from her, Minnie went on to say craving mogodu. People were surprise even celebrity like Minnie Dlamini do eat mogodu. South African celebrities famously known for eating at expensive restaurant and buy fancy clothes and also luxurious cars, people quickly jump in to the comment section saying they did not know Minnie Dlamini is a those village girl. Mogodu is a very delicious meal you can have it with bread or pap depend how you prefer it. Mogodu is a one of South African favourite meal. You can find the meal every shop were they sell meat and chicken. Some even suggest the best place where she can get the best mogodu.



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