Why You Should Never Seek Help From Wizards And Witches


Good people, you have heard people who went for a spell from the wizard, maybe somebody has tried to connect you with one.Never ever try it. If somebody is convincing you to do so, he or she is your enemy number one.Run and run at neck breaking speed.


For the spell to work, you must be connected to a demonic altar, this is done through the sacrifice you give in that altar.Once your sacrifice is accepted in this altar, be the evil angels (demons) enters you to be part of you.

You are no longer yourself.You are many, that is why the demons which entered the pigs said they were many.Once the "DAWA"enters you, it gives you limited power to what you wanted conditionally.For example, if you wanted Dawa to get husband, you give a sacrifice accordingly, you must also accept to serve the the altar of a wizard, you have to part with large amount of money.

For example if you want to control business in your area, the profit you make is not yours alone.You must share it with the wizard's altar. If you don't give it, the wizards have a way of getting their share.The wizard invoke the altar, the demons of sickness and sufferings are unleashed.The victim can suffer even death.


Without sacrifice it is not easy to connect with an altar, an altar is where an animal is roasted, for the oracle to work,there must be sacrifice.So when you go to consult a sorcerer, wizards and witches you cannot go there empty handed, you give something,a hen,goat or any animal.

Somebody may ask, I only gave my money pastor.Your money was your goat, spiritually it works, the money in spiritual realm is converted into a hen, goat or a bull.Once you give your money to any evil altar, you have already connected yourself to the demonic altar.

And that why the bible warns us against giving sacrifices to any altar we come across. Read Deuteronomy 12:13," Dont give your sacrifice to any altar you come across. Why? Once you give you are connected to that altar.That why you hear people saying, I dreamt with snakes and other horrific dreams.


After consulting these evil altars sometimes things seem to work out, you wanted to grab somebody husband it might work for sometimes, you wanted to sell make it alone in neighbourhood, it might work for sometimes, you wanted to grab all saloon customers, it might work for sometimes.

But no matter how strong is your spell, at some point it will melt and fade away, that the time you will know mboga si malenge.You will suffer sickness,premature death in your family, members of family being sacked, people running away from home never to return, committing suicide becomes your portion.


If you visited or sought the help of wizards then you need total disconnection,if you want peace and stop seeing those demonic dreams, you need total disconnection.If you want the suffering to end and start afresh then you must stop.

As far as you are connected to those altars misfortunes after misfortunes will follow you. In Revelation 16:7 "I heard the altar talking/responding.

Notice here,it is not God or a god talking but an altar.Good people, If you don't stop these altars, they will speak for many years in your life, they will not only torment you but even your generation.


To disconnect yourself from these demonic altars you need to sacrifice in the altar of God.Give a painful sacrifice that will leave you feeling pain.Faith here plays a great role, without Faith never give a sacrifice.Give that cow, give that plot, give that hard earned money.

Do it in the right altar, Gideon did it in Judges 6, he dismantled the altar of Baal with a sacrifice, he raised the altar with a bull,he did it secretly in the night,what followed is success after success,he destroyed thousands of enemies with three hundred men.

Pray after me

"Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that you disconnect me with all evil altars mentioning me negatively, May you accept my sacrifice and silence the spirit of rejection, limitation, bad luck, misfortunes, sickness, poverty, premature death, barrenness in the mighty name of Jesus.

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