What Duale Was Saying About Uhuru Before The President Caught Him Unaware Outside The Parliament

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President Uhuru state of nation address in the parliament buildings yesterday brought a lot of speculation and reactions from politicians in Kenya. This is after different politicians spoke to the media after president Uhuru state of nation address outside the Parliament building. A number of politicians were interviewed by the media after the state of nation address and Aden Duale was one of the members of Parliament who gave his reaction about the state of nation address.

While speaking to the media, the Garissa township member of parliament was caught unaware by president Uhuru kenyatta while making negative remarks about president Uhuru state of nation address. The legislator was saying that president Uhuru has made negative remarks about the judiciary saying that the state of nation address was full of criticism against the judiciary because of nullifying the building bridges initiative.

It is during this moment when the president was passing by making member of parliament pause his speech as he watches the president to pass before finishing is address to the media.

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