Kenyans React After Mutua Says DP Ruto Will Lose Come August 2022

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The race to statehouse is becoming ugly and messy as politics gains another momentum. Leaders eyeing for elective positions are traversing across the country hunting.

Self-proclaimed chief hustler campaigner William Samoei Ruto have been dealt a blow after Raila's campaign spokesperson Prof Makau Mutua deliver shocker to Ruto ahead of the so much anticipated august polls

Prof Mutua has admitted that after listening to grounds there is a clear indication William Ruto is likely to lose from his strongholds that may handover a win on Raila's presidential candidature. This come after series of defection was seen in Rift valley with hundreds and thousands of leaders and professionals ditch Ruto's kenya kwanza to Support Raila's candidature.

Makau added that the massive defection has clearly suggest that Rift valley leaders are not ready to form the opposition where Ruto is heading to alleging that Kenyans can only trust Raila's leadership.

"William Ruto.... may lose a large share of his regions elite as well as large percentage of electorate if it senses Azimio's Raila Odinga will win. We have seen several defections of several leaders from kalenjin land. The region doesn't know to be on the opposition and may not let Mr Ruto lead them into Political wilderness. It's hard to relinquished incumbency" Makau's Sentiments

Prof Makau's Sentiments have sparkled alot of reactions online with Kenyans citing that Makau Mutua should stop day dreaming alleging that Raila will not win the coming august elections. Below are some reactions. Source link:

"Ask yourself why Uhuru is so angry with Ruto and not Wajackoyah who is promoting illegal things.They know Ruto is winning" Daima

"Really? Nice that you are not from Rift Valley and that you have always been in states and know nothing about voting patterns. Rift is long ago decided. Wamenyamaza tu kungojea 9th" Chesumo

"Man how much have you been paid ,bro we're five million in Rift valley we will vote for William Ruto be calm its all over with the project" Oswah

"Can Luo Nyanza do the same if they sense Rao losing!! Professor be logical don't cloud your mind by being partisan" Jesseh

"I don't know how these people gets the courage to address the impossibilities"

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