Comedian Akuku Danger Slams Socialite Vera Sidika After She Did This To Him.


Comedian Akuku Danger has hit out at socialite Vera Sidika for failing to pay for his services.

This just come a day after Vera Sidika asked for his services during her gender reveal party in Nairobi.

According to Akuku Danger, the expecting Vera requested a sound system for an hour in her all-white event on July 10 in Karen for a charge of Ksh 15,000, but only managed to pay Ksh 10,000.

"When I finished my end of the bargain at 9 p.m., I asked for my balance, only for her to assume she doesn't know who we are and send a team of bouncers/Security, a group of her already drunk lady friends, and some guy named Victor to whisk us away, making all sorts of insults at us, all while she is standing there pretending to be on her phone," said the frustrated Akuku.

"By 1 a.m., we couldn't take it anymore, so she sent her drunk girlfriends and security to get us out with the promise that "She'll see what she can do in the morning," he added.