Malawi Stuffed as Kenya Struggles to get Vaccines


Since the onset on Covid-19, many nations have been suffering. A good percentage of people have lost battle to the killer virus so far.

This has prompted scientists to work even harder to come with a one time solution to this notorious virus. Their efforts have yielded fruits with discovery of Covod-19 vaccine. This has in turn promised some hope to the world.

However, even with many countries producing vaccines, the demand has exceeded supply. Kenya for instance has been in the race to secure more vials from Serum Vaccine institute of India(Astrazeneca vaccine). However these efforts have been futile as India shows no sign of exporting more vaccines soon.

Their decision has been triggered by the daily increasing number of Covid-19 new positive cases and an increase in Covid-19 related deaths in the country. India's stand has attracted a lot of reactions from Kenyans, especially those that received the first Astrazeneca shot. They are not promised of the second shot any time soon. However, the government says that it is on the run to secure more doses.

The government of Kenya plans to sources Vaccines from other African countries where they were supplied and are likely to expire. They target countries such as DRC and Malawi. Malawi recently burned many cartons containing vaccines which were nearly expiring. The country has already vaccinated over 70% of her citizens.