Eddie Butita Says Eric Omondi Spent More Than KSHS 8 Million For His Show.

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Eric Omondi paid more than $8 million for the third version of the event, according to Churchill comedian Eddie Butita.

He added that as a result, they had to cut the show short. During a recent interview with Mungai Eve, he stated,

"The concert was estimated to cost upwards of $8 million. We were unable to complete a full season due to a lack of time. We realized that staying with the ladies for seven days was too much for us. Because the show is costly, it requires more time."

Eddie remarked, "I don't know if Eric will get a wife or not." "I'm sure he'll find a wife, but I doubt she'll put up with him. Everything was taken care of in the show, and the ladies believe it will continue in real life. They might learn Eric is a busy man once the show is over."

Eric allegedly paid Butita Ksh 3.5 million, according to Butita.

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