Why Ladies Love Strong Body Physique In Men

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Most ladies love men who have strongly built upper body.The strongly-built shoulder and wide chest are exactly what women want in their men.There are several reasons why women prefer strongly built men.You should try going to gym to have that strong body shape.Though,some get natural strong bodies,others may need to strain to get the strong body physique

Below are some of the listed reasons why ladies love strong bodies.

1.The strong men can pass the genes to their offsprings increasing chances of survival.Females will love to give birth to strong kids to increase chances of survival.

2.Women feel safe around strong guys.These are the major reasons why they love strong men.Strong body physique means the person is strong and can provide security to their family.Women want who can punch back when necessary.

3.Strong men can easily provide for their family.Women are therefore secure around these men.

4.Nature generally choose strong over the weak.

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