Women Are Working Hard In America While You Follow Big Manhood- Twene Blasts Tracy Boakye And Moesha


Twene Jonas in a new video he had with some ladies criticizes Tracy Boakye, Moesha Buodong and the others of their kind here in Ghana.

According to him, one of the ladies in his video was a military officer in America and worked 24/7 tirelessly while the aforementioned are here in Ghana chasing big men for their money.

He stated that Moesha, Tracy and the others should learn from the mysterious lady and stop what they are doing as that will not help them.

They should find something better doing that will earn them so well and stop depending on men as they may end regretting later in life how they had wasted their time thinking their beauty and strength will last forever.

Please click on the link below to watch the video


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