[Photos] See How The Tombs Of The 8 Young Footballers Who Died Through Accident Looks Like


Last year the whole country was left in tears over the gastly motorable accident thta took the life of budding young footballers who were on their way to their regional head office.

An upcoming regional youth league compelled these young ones to be registered to be qualified for the football season.

They met their sad untimely death after a successful registration. These 8 youngest immediately lost their lives after the accident.

The funeral for these young ones broke the heart of Ghanaians more especially the football fraternity.

To honour these departed young souls a wonderful honoury ceremony was held in Offinso Maase. 

The tombs for the 8 young footballers who perished in the accident near Offinso were unveiled at Offinso Maase today.

The Ghana Football Association presented cheque of 20,000 Cedis covering GLICO insurance packages to the bereaved families.

Parents for these young departed ones were uncontrollably crying out their agony and pain.

May their young souls continue to rest in peace.

Till we meet Again

Koinonia newshub-gh@operanewshub.com