What To Say And What Not To Say To Your Children

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There is power in your tongue, whatever you decree shall come to past, therefore, stop saying these kinds of negative words to your children.

1. "God will punish you." By the time your statement come to past, you will begin to run from pillar to post, seeking assistance on behalf of your children. Therefore, stop asking God to punish any of your children. Instead of God will punish you, just say God will have mercy on you.

2. " You are crazy?" Should any of your children run mad, will you be happy? Your answer will be capital 'NO', therefore stop saying, "you are crazy" to any of your children again. Instead of that, say "shame be to the devil."

3. " You will never do any good thing in life." Do you want any of your children to be useless in life? I know you will not wish that to happen to anyone of them, therefore, instead of cursing your children, just say, " you this child, only God can help you in life."

4. "You are child of devil." A child of devil will eventually end up with the devil at last, therefore stop calling your children devil's children, instead of declaring your child(ren) for the devil, you can just say to your children, " Child(ren) of God don't do this or do that."

5. "You are useless child." That means, your own child is just there for nothing and he has nothing good to offer in life. Instead of declaring your own child useless, while can't you just say, "devil is a liar, you will be useful in life." Mind you, whatever you declare with your mouth may come to past.

My esteemed readers, especially parents, I believe you must have gained one wisdom or the others in this article. May God bless all your children,in the name of Jesus Christ.

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