Habits You Avoid To Become Highly Productive


If you find yourself reading this then are a million of things you want to do such as read, learn new skills, spend time with family and even exercise more.

Then you have to be thinking of a way to pack that into a 24- hour day that is already occupied by other matters.

While most people try to become more productive by adding things, there are others ways you can discover that it is easier to start by substring what reduces productive in the first place.

When you look at highly productive people, even though they are in different industries with different workflow, they always avoid key mistakes that sabotage productivity.

Below are some few things you can start doing to become more productive.

1. Focusing on minor details.

Productivity is not about how much busywork you can cram into an hour, how organized your calendar looks, having an inbox of zero emails or having the fanciest scheduling apps, but it is about the result you produce. Productive people deliver their work to the world. They have the courage to make things happen, and they act despite their fear.

So make sure your results are moving toward your goals. Once you start focusing on your output, your Productivity will skyrocket.

2. Checking devices first thing in the morning.

Waking up in the morning and going straight to your device is a bad habit and surely reduces productivity.

Did you know that 88% of people check their phone within the first hour of the day and 55% of people check their email before going to work?

It reduces focus, productivity and motivation. Consuming information that are not necessary like social media, checking email ad responding to messages to start your day puts you in a state of reaction: Now, you are flooded with stressors and urgent tasks before you even have a chance to work on your goals.

3. Allowing distractions during work.

Keep your mind focus. Don' t let any distract you from your plan for the day. Distraction can reduce productivity which is bad.

4. Working until exhaustion.

Always try to rest your body and your mind. Your mind or body can not work when it is in the state of stress. Keep yourself rested to increase productivity.

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