Maria Series Finale

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Maria and Luwi are in the vacation but before that things happened in their wedding. They are in their vacation and their driver happens to be one of Sandra's henchmen. He is also seen in the wedding. He is really discreet and moves silently. It clears shows that his soul mission is to kill both Maria and Luwi.

So in the wedding, it so happens that Brenda attended and she was not in for spreading love or joy in that happy occasion. She pulls out a gun and aims at the newly weds but as fate has it she misses and shoots Sofia on the stomach. She is then stopped and the gun was taken from her. She is clearly going to jail for good. Will Sofia make it or will she die????

Sandra in the other hand is seen coughing blood in her cell and we don't know what will happen next.

Victor is also seen in the wedding unfortunately he is still crazy as ever and is busy picking from the trashbin. Omari sees this and tells everyone to leave him in his care. Will he do his thing and restore Victor to his old self.

The show is just ending in a way that we are left in a dilemma.

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