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The attacked on the leaders against raising an uproar for violent crime due to the fact that election is fast approaching, which led many to react that after the election, they leaders will go back to their shells, what a miss normal and lucrubious acts 

The violent crime in South cannot be overemphasized because it has caused many avoid today in the society and in many homes, communities and in the world at large.

It is due to the failure of the leaders, now they are coming out to address the matter of violent crime and other social verses because elections is fast approaching, why because they need the masses to vote for the and after the election the evil still continues, may probably increase to the highest pick. What a tragedy.

According to one mo reply to the tweet, he said.

This is just the beginning… What about illegal and undocumented criminals who are running amok in this country? How many cold cases go unresolved even though fingerprints ARW lifted from the crime scenes. It's a Mess.

If the truth be told, with the level of internet development and the level of civilization of the internet today, no crime and those involved we not be able to escape. But the reverse is the case, our leaders clams that they are not aware of what is happening.

They are final speaking out because elections is coming up, the truth is that the violent crime is not the only crime, what about other crime, it seems that they are silent about other crime? While he suddenly acknowledges his incompetence, why can’t he explain why the farm murders can’t be solved? Seems like they all are suddenly going to play honesty games to win popularity before elections and will go right back to lying after elections …

Every leader should wake to his or her responsibilities, that is my take 

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