My Abuse Story - My Mom Sold Me for Cash

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Good day. On the issue of abuse, l will like to share my life experiences with you and everyone.

I was raised in an abusive home. My father will beat my mother right before us the children. There was one particular time that my mum lost her front teeth and passed out from the beating meted by my dad. We stood and wept but when I reported him to our Pastor, mum protected him. She always said that she was going through the abuse because of us.

l am the first child of 4 children and I always told her to let us leave but her question was always, "to where?" She made me feel guilty for being born and always cried out that we are the reason for her pain. I was young and felt there was something wrong with me and my siblings. 

One day one of her friends asked her to find a job to do so she that she wouldn't always depend on only my father to trigger beatings when she requested for things from him. All that while, my father was having a second wife who he was taking proper care of and had set her up financially but my mother was a house wife. My mum took me to a man who was ready to give her loan to start her business.

I was 15 years thereabout and she would send me with food to the man in the afternoon when my dad was not around. This man would ask me to wait for him to finish eating and then take the bowl back but I didn't know l was going to be abused sexually. He forcibly had sex with me, I bled and ran to my mother but she encouraged me not to tell anyone about it because he was helping us by giving her money to buy anything we wanted so that my father wouldn't beat her again.

So I became his girlfriend and every day I will have to go back and give him sex. Sometimes l will meet another woman coming from his room and he will tell me to go and he will call me when he is ready. It went on for about 2 years until I met this guy who was my age mate who became close to me. He showed interest in me and I told him about the situation l was in. He helped me to get out and asked me to tell my mother to send the man's money or l will report her to my father. This guy showed me respect and how a woman should be treated. He is always helping me with my homework and studies. He emboldened me to say no to my mother and that I am not responsible for the issues in her life. It is her choice and I am not the one to be blamed.

He was with me without sex for a year until I forced him to have sex with me. He taught me self esteem, compassion, self discipline and self love. Even though he did not marry me, we were together for 8 years and though I wasn't getting younger, ge wanted a whole lot of things before marrying me. Someone who was ready came along and I married him. He is divorced 2 times while I am in an unhappy marriage.

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