Opinion: Luka Modric showed his class and elegance on the pitch against Gladbach

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Sometimes I'm unable to find words while appreciating this guy right here, today it was arguably the most crucial match of the season so far.

And Modric started his 12th straight game and it could've easily backfired considering Luka is 35 already and a injury would result leaving us with only 1 natural CM in our squad. 

But Luka is only one his kind, from the 1st minute till the very last, Luka Modric showed his class, his calmness and elegance on the pitch against Gladbach.

Those smooth turns and dancing feet's it was a exhibition by a 35 year old in the Estadio Alfredo De Stefano.

I have never seen a player with this much authority on the field who's in his mid 30's, he was untouchable throughout the game and his form has been sensational after the restart and also he's getting better and better with age like a aged wine. Luka Modric! The only one of his kind.

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