He turned him into a snake and his mother killed him. Sakawa boy confesses how his friend died.


To be a successful person, you must put in hours of hard work every day to attain your goals. You'll also need to be disciplined and willing to sacrifice your time if you want your dreams to come true. It is very true that to be a successful wealthy individual is not easy, and as a result, only a few people choose the right path to get wealth, particularly young men who want to get money as quickly as possible.

Today's youth are unwilling to take the long road to get money, preferring instead to take the easy way of getting it. They engage in criminal activities such as scamming hardworking people for their money over the internet because they do not want to work hard for it. The good news is that individuals are becoming more aware of these scammers and they are able to protect themselves from their deception.

Because they are aware that people are growing aware of their illegal actions, fraudsters have sought spiritual help to make things simpler for them. These fraudsters known as sakawa boys, approach persons who deal with spiritual problems for assistance, but the terrible part is that these spiritual backing comes with its own consequences.

In an interview, a sakawa boy recounts how one of their friends was turned into a snake for disrespecting their mallam, their spiritual helper, and he was killed by his own mother, who had no idea the snake was his son.

"Every game boy at Taifa, Mile 7 knows Makaveli. Dog sperm turned into a snake and his mother killed him but she didn’t know. Taifa boys know this. You must not continue taking from one client for too long. After you get the money, move on to another person. The mallam will give you two or three months to make money from a client. So, you need to set a target and make that money before the time is up. If you continue with the client, trouble,".

He also revealed that because they frequently defraud foreign people on the internet for money, they require innocent banking accounts that can assist them in receiving funds without difficulty, and as a result, they seek assistance from pastors and musicians who can assist them with foreign accounts.

"I can mention some popular musicians who are in this game. Our clients send the money through their accounts and they take 20 percent. That is what they spend on flashy cars. We use NGO accounts and churches are under NGO and they are in this game with us. I don’t want to mention names but they are well-known pastors. Calculate 20 percent of 4 million dollars."

This is the interview

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