"I Want A Man Who is Not Boring in Bed" Justina Syokau Reveals The Ideal Type of Man She Wants.


Justina Syokau well known as Madam 2020,who is one of the benga gospel artist in Kenya, has come openly to reveal her ideal type of man, that she want to be married to. Justina who is one of the reknown Kamba artists in Kenya, speaking on Obinja tv, which is an online television owned by Dimanmkare and Adigo, caused stir online after saying that she doesn't need a man who had riches because she already has it.

Justina said that all she needs from a man, is that he should be born again, a true believer and should also not be boring in bed, Justina repeated this part and said that she needs a man who knows what to do and fullfils well her conjugal rights, because she has not enjoyed conjugal rights for almost 8 years.

Justina said that past experiences from the previous relationship made her to fear men, and decided to hustle on her own and make her own money.

She now has her own money, and what she needs is a husband, who truly believe in God and treat her like a woman by ensuring that she is serviced very well and also pampered well with love. If you are a man and you believe well in your game the slide into Justina's inbox via het Instagram page and try your luck.

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All the best Justina, we hope very soon you will find your perfect match, may God help and bless you with a man you deserve.

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