Netizens Call For The Arrest of The 'Wakadinali' After They Allegedly Did This on a Live Video


It is niw funny on how the music industry is currently operating. Many music artist are now portraying bad characters in their music. The so-called gengetone artists have come with the worst twist on music. In their music they are supporting evil acts in the society which has even led to the negative influence to young children.

One music group has released a live video showcasing some guns. The so-called wakadinali, they been seen in the video with the guns which are now on question whether they are real guns or just toy guns.

This now leaves us with many question and unanswered. Is it a must that in any music that these artists are doing must contain crime related scenes?. It is really worrying on how our society is running. There are evils everywhere.

Netizens have now raised concerns over the circulating video the money that the guys must be arrested and investigation started to determine whether they own the real guns. This is a very crucial matter and a safety concern that must not be taken so slightly.

Do you think that it is right for the artists to publicly showcase these crime related scenes in their music videos?. Leave your comment below.

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