Nurse Put On the Spot After Claiming That This Political Aspirant Was HIV Positive


Political aspirant Derrick Mbugua has taken to his different social media accounts to express his concerns and disappointments after an alleged nurse claimed that he was a HIV/AIDS patient.


In a post that has since gone viral and is still making rounds on different social media accounts after being uploaded by Derrick Mbugua, he revealed that HIV was not a death sentence urging Kenyans to not shy or be afraid of getting tested.

This was followed by a dramatic scene after a couple of Kenyans also shared their sentiments on the man's post giving their opinions and suggestions on whether it was okay for one to disclose their HIV status to the public.

While reacting to this post, a woman who has been identified as Mary Evelyn Nyambura Chege claimed that Derrick was a one of her patients who allegedly visits her on several occasions while covered with a cap.

Replying to the woman's claims, Derrick Mbugua revealed that he was not HIV Positive but at the same time revealed that he would not shy away from the public if he was HIV Positive.

According to the reports given by the political aspirant, he went ahead and called out the woman who is an alleged nurse adding that it was so unfortunate that she would go against the work ethics of a nurse by revealing the health status of her patients.


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