"Pastor Said I Was A Witch Who Was Holding My Dad's Progress Because I Had Big Eyeballs" - Lady Says


When I saw this post, I smiled to myself because I remember when I was still young, my father took me to a senior pastor to deliver me because to him, the spirit of Jezebel has possessed me just because I don't like wearing long skirts and big tops that looks like "mama dash me". Many things happened during our childhood especially in the religion aspects. Some people believes and worship their pastor more than Jesus Christ himself.

A Twitter user identified as Cheeka has shared a very hilarious post about her childhood when she was barely 10 years old. According to her, when she was just 10 years old, her father took her to a deliverance ministry for deliverance because he thought she was the one withholding her Dad's business because she had big eyeballs. In her words she said "I was barely 10 years old when my dad was shouting at me to "release his business" at a deliverance ground with so much anger and disgust in his eyes" see the screenshot below;

Many people who saw the post also went further to state what they also passed through when they were still young concerning this issue. According to Cheekah, her mum was the one who took her Dad to the prayer ground. She said "Incase you're wondering where my mum was, when it was happening, and why didn't she defend me. Who do you think took my dad to the church?" Check out Cheekah's photos below;

Although, most of us still go to different prayer grounds to seek solution to our problem, while other prayer house might be genuine and others are fake, we should be careful where we seek for help for God is the only answer and solution to our problems.

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